Launching, tracking and flying high altitude weather balloons in the Rochester, NY area

SpaceX is planning historic SAOCOM-1B satellite launch

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As early as March 2020, SpaceX is planning to launch SAOCOM-1B on one of their Falcon 9 rockets while doing something that nobody has done in over 50 years!

SpaceX Launches their 4th batch of operational Starlink satellites

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SpaceX successfully launched another set of 60 of their version 1.0 operational Starlink Satellites into low earth orbit on Monday, February 17, 2020 at 10:05am EST (15:05 UTC). The primary mission appears to have been another major success for SpaceX's Starlink program, however, their secondary experimental recovery missions suffered some unfortunate failures for both the Falcon 9's first stage booster landing attempt at sea on their autonomous spaceport droneship, Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY); as well as for their attempts to recover both halves of their protective payload fairings which they attempted to gently land under parachute at sea, aboard their support vessels GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms. Chief.

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