This GPS breakout board module is utilized on all the OLHZN high altitude weather balloon flights.  It will register altitude and positioning reports up to 160,000 FT (48,768 m), but you must be sure to enable "Flight Mode" (Mode 7) via software on startup.  The active antenna is a must have if you're utilizing an on-board action camera.  The active antenna will ensure that electromagnetic interference from the action camera(s) will not disrupt the GPS signal reception.
  • Micro USB port allows you to connect the GPS module to your computer without USB-TTL cables.
  • The GPS module also has a ceramic passive antenna so you can utilize the module without the external antenna, if desired.
  • The SMA port allows you to conveniently connect the 3m Active Antenna for a much stronger satellite connection.
  • The TTL port (header pins) allow you to conveniently connect this module to an external single chip microcomputer.