Host a Private Launch

If you love space as much as we do, consider hosting your own private high altitude balloon launch which provides a fun an unique opportunity for students and adults to engage in science and engineering that can bring you to the edge of space!  A range of package and pricing options are available to suit numerous budgets that start at the basic level and expand to fully functioning near-space programs!  Use the form below to contact us today to see how we can help you reach for the stars.  If a private launch is too much, you can also attend one of our regularly scheduled flights or send an experiment onboard one of our flights via our BalloonSat Program.

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Pre-Flight Classroom SessionGuided Launch Day PresentationOLHZN Staff Recovers for/with UsPost-Flight Classroom SessionLive Broadcast to our own social mediaFlight Day Swag & MerchandiseUtilize OLHZN's Tracking EquipmentUtilize OLHZN's Cameras

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