About OLHZN-16 :: Dawning

OLHZN-16 was the sixteenth high altitude weather balloon flight for Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloons.  This flight launched on September 5, 2018 at 4:48am EDT (08:48 UTC) during the early morning sunrise hours over the Rochester, NY area. This flight again used three Lightdow LD4000 Cameras to capture the early morning footage, including one upwards facing camera recording the balloon footage.

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Important Info

The maximum altitude achieved for this flight was 107,348 FT. (32,719 m) MSL which occurred 125 minutes into the flight at 6:53:15am EDT (10:53:15 UTC).

This payload landed 8.99 mi. (14.47 km) downrange from the launch site. The final landing occurred 2 hours, 37 minutes & 10 seconds after launch at 42.941399, -77.100952 at an altitude of 665 FT. (202 m)

Minimum Temperature: -67 °F
The minimum recorded temperature was -67 °F (-55 °C) which occurred at an altitude of 42,952 FT. (13,092 m)

The maximum recorded temperature was 77 °F (25 °C) which occurred at an altitude of 1,722 FT. (525 m)

The maximum recorded horizontal ground speed was 42 mph (67 km/h) which occurred at an altitude of 59,730 FT. (18,206 m)

The fastest vertical free-fall speed achieved after balloon burst was recorded at 233 mph (375 km/h). This measurement occurred at an altitude of 105,177 FT. (32,058 m) shortly after the balloon burst event at 107,348 FT. (32,719 m) MSL

This flight featured three Lightdow LD4000 Cameras including one as an upwards facing balloon camera to capture the balloon burst event. We also tested our landing prediction software which failed on the last flight, OLHZN-15 due to human error.

This flight featured another large 1500g balloon to ensure an altitude of over 100,000 ft.

The main focus of this flight was to try to capture some amazing footage of the sunrise over the Finger Lakes.  We launched during darkness and attempted to capture sunrise from the higher altitudes.

OLHZN-16 Max Altitude
OLHZN-16 Sunrise
OLHZN-16 Sunrise
OLHZN-16 Sunrise

Flight Data

Below is our collected data for this flight.  You can also view the raw sounding data from this flight here.

Flight Prediction vs. Actual Flight Path

The map below shows our predicted (purple) flight path vs. our actual (orange) flight path.

Technical Specifications

  • Launch Time: September 5, 2018 at 4:48:07am EDT (08:48:07 UTC)

  • Launch Location: 42.908646, -77.272781 at 817 FT. (249 m)

  • Ascent Rate: 851fpm (4.32 m/s)

  • Burst Altitude: 107,348 FT. (32,719 m) MSL

  • Time to Burst: 125 minutes

  • Target Helium Volume: 147.2 cu ft.

  • Payload Mass: 1733g (3.82 lbs)

  • Target Neck Positive Lift: 1067g

  • Descent Time: 32 minutes

  • Descent Rate: 1,140fpm (5.80 m/s)

  • Landing Location: 42.941399, -77.100952 at 665 FT. (202 m)

  • Downrange Landing Distance: 8.99 mi. (14.47 km)

  • Landing Time: September 5, 2018 at 7:25:17am EDT (11:25:17 UTC)

  • Total Flight Time: 2 hours, 37 minutes & 10 seconds

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