Launching, tracking and flying high altitude weather balloons in the Rochester, NY area
OLHZN-12 :: Flexor 2018-05-27T15:36:27+00:00

About OLHZN-12 :: Flexor

OLHZN-12 was the twelfth high altitude weather balloon flight for Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloons.  This flight launched on May 26, 2018 at 12:03pm EDT (16:03 UTC) and carried 3 onboard Lightdow LD4000 Cameras along with our new micro-payload that was introduced on OLHZN-10.  This flight also debuted our new on-board landing prediction software that had the payload provide predictions of its own landing site ahead of time and relay that information to the ground crew (and anyone following our live flight map) to get our chase team as close as possible to the landing site as the balloon descended.

Live Broadcast

Important Info

This flight will again feature three Lightdow LD4000 Cameras including one as an upwards facing balloon camera to try to capture the balloon burst event.  We will be looking to make changes to the micro-payload antenna system that failed on OLHZN-10 and OLHZN-11.  We’ve also implemented some minor software changes to better format our flight data for post-flight analysis.

This flight will debut our new experimental on-board landing prediction software.  This new software will collect wind profiles during the ascent phase of the flight and then use that collected data to continually predict its own landing area in real-time with the hyper-local wind data that it collected during ascent.  This data will be fed to our chase team (and anyone following our live flight map) during the decent phase to hopefully allow us to be as close as possible to the landing site as the balloon descends.

Live Tracking Map
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OLHZN-12 Maximum Altitude
OLHZN-12 Maximum Altitude
OLHZN-12 Skew-T Log-P Graph

This Skew-T graph was generated from our main on-board flight computer that measures atmospheric conditions in 1 second increments.  The raw data and raw sounding file for this Skew-T graph can be viewed here.

OLHZN-12 3D Flight Path

Predicted vs. Actual Flight Path

The flight paths below represent our pre-flight predicted flight path (purple) and our actual measured flight path (red) from the flight computer.  This flight came up short of its expected landing, mostly due to a faster ascent rate than intended.  This is not an uncommon occurrence due to the imperfect nature of balloon filling procedures.

Technical Specifications

  • Launch Time:  May 26, 2018 at 12:03:54pm EDT (16:03:54 UTC)

  • Target Ascent Rate: 4.25 m/s

  • Burst Altitude: 110,199 ft. (Target: 104,000+ ft.)

  • Time to Burst: 108 minutes (Expected: 133 minutes)

  • Target Helium Volume: 141.9 cu ft.

  • Payload Mass: 1659g (3.68 lbs)

  • Target Neck Positive Lift: 848g

  • Landing Speed: 6.08 m/s (Expected: 7 m/s)

  • Descent Time: 41 minutes (Expected: 32 minutes)

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