Launching, tracking and flying high altitude weather balloons in the Rochester, NY area
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About OLHZN-11

OLHZN-11 is the eleventh planned high altitude weather balloon flight for Overlook Horizon High Altitude Balloons.  This flight is scheduled for early to mid-April 2018. The focus of this flight will be to test our updated radio tracking systems to ensure that our repairs we made after last year’s flights are performing as expected.  This flight is expected to use two Lightdow LD4000 Cameras facing outwards on both sides of the payload.  It will also feature our new micro-payload that was originally flown on OLHZN-10 and will be used as a third backup tracking method on this flight.

Major changes to the 2018 flight computer:

  • Watchdog timer added to automatically reboot the flight computer if an anomaly occurs
  • Humidity sensor added to generate post-flight weather soundings
  • Capacitors added permanently to the circuit design.  These were added in a temporary manner previously on OLHZN-8 and OLHZN-9.
  • Software updated for optimizations in performance and reliability.

Live Broadcast

Important Info

This flight will again feature two Lightdow LD4000 Cameras facing out of each side of the payload. We have made numerous changes to our main tracking system over the winter including both hardware and software changes. We’ve also added a watchdog reset timer to our software that will allow the system to intentionally reboot itself mid-flight if the system should freeze mid-flight like it did on our last flight, OLHZN-9.  We’ve also added a humidity sensor to our main flight computer so that we can generate post-flight weather data and sounding like we did on OLHZN-10.

We’ve developed a new miniature tracking system that we’ll be testing on this flight in addition to our main tracking system. This additional Arduino Pro Mini will give us additional redundancy and allow us to test a smaller platform that will eventually fly on its own.  The first flight of this miniature tracking system was performed on OLHZN-10.

We expect to have more hardware on this flight than usual so we may need to use a larger parachute and/or weather balloon to create adequate lift and braking.

Technical Specifications

  • Expected Launch Time:  April 2018

  • Expected Launch Location: TBD based on flight predictions

  • Target Ascent Rate: 4.35 m/s

  • Target Burst Altitude: 108,000 ft.

  • Expected Time to Burst: 126 minutes

  • Target Helium Volume: 124.9 cu ft.

  • Payload Mass: 1615g (3.56 lbs)

  • Target Neck Positive Lift: 816g

  • Expected Landing Speed: 6 m/s

  • Expected Descent Time: 37 minutes

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